MSHA Part 46 Requirements

Confused about what MSHA Part 46 requires? Simple. If you're a stone, sand, gravel, limestone or other non-metal surface mine, you need a Training Plan, Training Material, and a Record of Training. Click on the tabs below to learn more about each. And remember, both new miners and mining contractors need the same training!


MSHA Part 46.3 - A training plan is considered approved by MSHA if it contains, at minimum, the following five items of information:

  1. Company Name & ID - The name of the production-operator or independent contractor, mine name(s), and MSHA mine identification number(s) or independent contractor identification number(s).
  2. Responsible Person - The name and position of the person designated by the operator who is responsible for the health and safety training at the mine. These operators may list more than one person as being responsible for training.
  3. Teaching Methods & Time Spent per Subject - A general description of the teaching methods and the course materials that are to be used in the training program, including the subject areas to be covered and the approximate time or range of time to be spent on each subject area.
  4. Trainers & Training Subjects - A list of the persons and/or organizations that will provide the training, and the subject areas in which each person and/or organization is competent to instruct.
  5. Evaluation Methods - The evaluation procedures used to determine the effectiveness of training.

MSHA Part 46 Requirements can be confusing. Who needs how much of what by when? The timeline below should help clarify the minimum MSHA Part 46 training requirements.

Timeline for Miner Training Requirements

MSHA Part 46.9 - A Record of Training must be either on MSHA Form 5000-23 or contain, at a minimum, the following five items of information:

  1. Trainee Name - The printed full name of the person trained.
  2. Competent Person & Training Details - The type of training, the duration of the training, the date the training was received, the name of the competent person who provided the training.
  3. Company Name & ID - The name of the mine or independent contractor, MSHA mine identification number or independent contractor identification number, and location of training (if an institution, the name and address of the institution).
  4. False Certification Statement - The statement, "False certification is punishable under ยง 110(a) and (f) of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act," printed in bold letters and in a conspicuous manner.
  5. Certification Statement & Signature - A statement signed by the person designated in the MSHA-approved training plan for the mine as responsible for health and safety training, that states "I certify that the above training has been completed."