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Do I need MSHA Part 46 surface miner training?

We get this question a LOT! And while the MSHA Part 46 regulations can be confusing, the answer is pretty simple.

  • YES, if you're a miner at a surface stone, sand, or gravel surface mine.
  • YES, if you're a contractor at a surface stone, sand, or gravel surface mine. In fact, you need EXACTLY the same training as other surface miners.
  • NO, if you're a miner or contractor at a metal or coal mine. You need MSHA Part 48 training, even if you'll only work at the surface.

If you're a New Miner or a Contractor taking New Miner training, you'll also need a tour of the mine site and task-specific training to meet MSHA Part 46 compliance requirements. If you're taking Annual Refresher training, you'll need to review any “changes at the mine” that have taken place over the past year that could affect your health and safety.

Our New Miner and Annual Refresher training products provide:

  • The most flexible format options (PPV, DVD, USB, and Streaming)
  • The most comprehensive course selections (up to 50 training courses)
  • The most training time available anywhere (up to 24 hours of video-based training)

No other training provider offers a full 24 hours of training courses to support your compliant MSHA Part 46 New Miner training program. And our compliant documentation templates have been used by thousands of mines and contractors to stay compliant and avoid fines.

Keep in mind that if you need MSHA Part 48 training for work at a coal or metal mine, above or below ground, our MSHA training courses can be used to supplement compliant training at your facility. Share this site with your safety manager to make sure you have the best MSHA training available for your team.

Our Mission is dedicated to helping miners and mining contractors improve safety, train more effectively, and stay compliant by providing quality MSHA training and compliance resources.